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About Us

We are a consulting practice built and run by developers. Our main focus is on building Cloud-First Enterprise Intelligence Solutions. We welcome challenging projects, and strive to deliver always top-notch results.

We are lean. We believe that true value only comes from people, and that people are the single biggest asset any company can have. As such, we strongly believe in four core values: respect for people and culture, flow, innovation, and relentless improvement.

If you share our values, and think we can help your organization attaining and surpassing its goals, please reach out!


Business Intelligence

Data acquisition, preparation, and visualization. Big Data. Data visualization. Predictive analytics. Enterprise reporting solutions.

Machine Learning

Computer vision. Natural language processing, Recommendation engines. Classification, clusterization, and anomaly detection. Deployment, operations, and optimization.

Cloud Computing

Cloud architecture, infrastructure and operations. High availability. IoT integration. Mobile Application backends. API design and development.



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