Cloud Migration Services

Our Cloud Migration Services cover the four stages of the cloud migration roadmap: Assess, Plan, Deploy, and Optimize.

Cloud Start: Infrastructure

Cloud Start: Infrastructure is a three-day onsite consultative workshop. With a focus on discussion and white-boarding, this is your chance to get your specific questions answered. Come in with a lot of questions on how to use GCP for your specific needs, and come out with a better understanding of what the architecture will be, what is and isn’t possible, and next steps. You’ll have lots of Q&A time, and a combination of discussions, white-boarding, and demos to illustrate and reinforce concepts. At the end of the three days, we’ll review our recommendations, as well as next steps, and hand you a final report, giving you the knowledge and confidence you need to move forward with GCP.


Cloud POC/MVP is about building confidence within your organization about a full-fledged cloud migration. By migrating a simple application or workload to GCP, even before planning the whole migration, we can identify potential infrastructure issues or blockers that need to be addressed. Also, your IT team get an opportunity to gain confidence and hand-on training with GCP. Is there an app or service within your organization that is fairly self-contained, independent, and not production critical? Do you have an initial candidate that you would like to target as a first mover to GCP? Good candidates are marketing and sales tools, as well as internal applications.

Cloud Plan: Infrastructure

Cloud Plan: Infrastructure is about building a comprehensive migration plan to bring your infrastructure into GCP. This include risk assessment analysis, and a detailed migration plan (broken down by workloads and services, if need be) a timeline, and a contention plan. We also work with your organization to identify service level objectives and service level agreements for your production workloads, and account for these on the migration plan and cloud architecture proposal.

Cloud Deploy

Once a migration plan is in place, we execute it via our Cloud Deploy package. We can take care of the whole migration, or just support your IT department as needed by providing advisory or hands-on resources to cover any technology gap.

Cloud Optimize

Getting your infrastructure to the cloud is just the beginning. Cloud Optimize is all about identifying opportunities to adjust and optimize for long-term growth, scale, and performance. By leveraging managed services and automation to implement a NoOps IT architecture, your organization will further reduce costs, improve reliability, and scale up. This service is targeted for customers who have been running GCP for at least six months, are interested in exploring managed cloud services, transforming to cloud-native applications, or looking for cost optimizations.

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